Discover here all the partner organisations involved in the VR-ME project. We are vocational education and training providers and representatives of the European fishing sector.
SGS Tecnos is the world leader in certification and regulation and a renowned training company specially focused on work safety.
“We have a long experience developing training in the maritime sector. As vocational training is one of the core values of our work, we seek to bring innovation to training and deliver trainings in the most innovative ways to improve the skills of our workers and associates.”
“Our principal mission is to preserve health and safety for seafarers. Since the beginning of the association, in 1992, we have carried out 300 trips at sea to evaluate and research occupational risks and provide crews with technical, training and organisational skills to improve the level of safety at work.”

Institut Maritime de Prévention (France)

The main training entity for labour safety in the french maritime sector.
SQ LEARN (Greece)
Expert developers of Virtual Reality tools with previous projects in maritime environments
“Virtual Reality provides a modern way to improve safety for fishermen through the advancement of their training with flexible, interactive and reflective learning techniques.”
“Continuous training throughout the labour life of the crew is essential to ensure adequate protection in maritime safety and occupational safety and health. Training through new technologies, such as virtual reality, in addition to making it more real, attractive and enjoyable, promotes awareness of occupational safety and health of the crew from anywhere, any place and anytime. ”
ARVI (Spain)
The fishing Vessel Owners´ Co-operative of the Port of Vigo.
Europêche (Belgium)
The main representative of the fishing industry in Europe.
“Fishing is an occupation greatly exposed to safety risks. The safety of our fishermen must be at the forefront of EU efforts to ensure its protection as part of sustainable fishing. Applying safety training works and saves lives.”
“Our aim is to maintain a sustainable fishing industry, both now and in the future. To this end, we have established a policy in which co-operation and the transfer of knowledge on sustainable fisheries play a central role.”
Pelagic Freezer-trawler Association (Netherlands)
Represents the interests of several pelagic freezer-trawler companies operating all over the world.